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Cyber Monday

Well, The Mamas and the Papas would sing Monday Monday, but today I’ll sing Cyber Monday…. And I love Cyber Monday! I did some opera shopping today. You know, it being the last day of my birthday month and all.

So what did I buy? I was hoping you would ask that. For starters, had a 5.99/CD sale and I had a $5.00 gift certificate. On top of that, they were offering 1.00 shipping or buy 5 and shipping is free. Yeah, I went crazy. For all the recordings that you see below, I paid $36.93 and no shipping! That purchase any other time would have cost me a mind boggling 134.94 plus Shipping & Handling. I saved 98.01!

Then, I had to return something to Borders. Instead of getting my money back, I got a gift card because I knew I would use the money at one point or another. Well, it so happened that their website ( had a sale buy one get the other at 60% off. Plus if your order was over $10 shipping was free.  Needless to say, I got a couple of things. For the 2 below I would have paid 31.98 but I saved 8.99 on the 60% plus the S&H. Add to that the fact that I had already spent the money (since it was a return and I got store credit), I only had to pay an extra $6 out of pocket.

That means I’ll be busy listening to all this shit and writing my impressions in this blog.  I love it.

Stay tuned…


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