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Feliz Dia de Reyes!

OK, today is epiphany, or Dia de reyes, as we call it in my country. In my country we celebrate it with gifts, so today I am going to play Melchior with you all and be the one bearing gifts. Hopefully the gifts I bring, all operatic, will make you happy.

  • Gift 1, as the number suggests is from the land of firsts and creation. No, you do not have to figure out what is it to receive it, but you do need to know that you have to open all 4 doors before you know what it is: here are door 1, door 2, door 3 and door 4
  • Gift 2 has both the scent of “rosa vera”; as they would sing in Italy back in the 40’s; but also all the joy of a sweet 16 party. But don’t be fooled, if you piss this princess off, she will have your head chopped off and dance on your grave until she falls dead herself. Just like in the previous gift, you have to walk through 4 doors, but are you brave enough?: Door 1, door 2, door 3, door 4.
  • Gift 3 is of Wagnerian proportions. You will find Witches, Gods, Sea Captains and even Singers. But it is not until you unite them in one voice that you will know what is it.
  • Gift 4 is also perfumed but beware, this perfume is poisonous. In order to get this gift you will need to take a Crusade and ask advise from a Prophet, but don’t trust him too much or you might end up Chasing Goats. No matter what, you will have as much fun as the Devil, but not before you mixt it all up in the same cup.
  • Gift 5 comes from the land where never snows on Christmas day. As a matter of fact, it gets hot as pasta sauce on that day. And before you can enjoy this feast of all Italian dishes, you have to mix the sauce, the pasta, the meat and the olive oil for it to taste good.
  • Gift 6 also comes from the land where it never snows on Christmas day. This time they have cooked a feast worthy of Oktoberfest. This invitation-only Family feast might cause you some headaches because Mom and Dad’s marriage has been on the rocks for decades. To compound the problem the bank is calling in the mortgage and one of the daughters is having issues with authority. Don’t be surprised if the whole feast goes up in flames. The only problem with this feast is that you cannot enjoy the dishes separately, you have to face the entire family and get them to work together. You think you have what it takes?
  • Gift 7 is very special, this gift is only for members of a very exclusive club. But don’t worry about it, To belong to this club you will not be assessed fees. As a matter of fact,  just  by getting it, you have automatically been inducted to The Club.

Lise Lindstrom as Turandot and Frank Porretta as Calaf,‭ ‬in FGO’s‭ ‬Turandot. (Photo by Gaston de Cardenas)

Now for some technical matters: Just like in Turandot

Gli enigmi sonno tre, la morte una

The difference is that in this case, gli enigmi sonno quatro, but just like in Turandot, if you do not answer ALL the riddles, you do not get to play.  So to be able to play with your gift, you must download every single “riddle” from the bullet (or bullets) that you chose. Otherwise the gift is not going to work.

The good part about these enigmas is that they are all solved with a magic wand. Yes, you read right, you do not have to provide answers to any of the enigmas, just download the riddles you want to solve  and use THIS MAGIC WAND to solve them. Now, you need to know what platform you stand on when you solve them, because the wand and your platform need to match or else you are S-O-L.

Well,these are your gifts and I hope you like them. if for some reason you can not figure out all I am saying, send me an email and I’ll try to help you.

Have a safe day,


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