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Addio Maestro Paul Kiesgen

This is going to be hard…And the tears start to flow.

You are going to have to forgive me, but I am writing through tears. My voice teacher has died.

If you are not a singer, let me just say that you form a bond with your voice teacher that is very special. It is almost a paternal bond and a teacher is as protective of his teachers as a hen of her chicks. That is because that is exactly what we are, we are their chicks and no matter whether just a chorister or a world famous singer we will always be our teacher’s chicks.

I met Paul Kiesgen in 1998, when I was in need of a new voice teacher. My relationship with my former teacher had ended badly, I felt my voice was a wreck and I needed a new start.

That is when this wonderful man came into my life. He took me under his wings and started working with me with a lot of patience and a  good doze of love. During the 2 years that I studied with him I regained my confidence and the ease of my high notes.

What kills me is that he never knew. I never told him how important his help was in my vocal recovery. I owed him everything and I never told him. In my own self-centerdness, in my own selfishness I never took the time to tell him how important he had and was to me.

So you are going to have to forgive me because there is something I need to say, even if he will never be able to read this:


Thank you. Your help, your patience, your advise, your gentleness made a huge difference in my life and I owe you an eternal debt. Thank you, I could not be who I am now had you not taken an interest. Whether I am a success or a failure it is not a reflection on you but a result of my own decisions; the fact still remains that you were like a father figure when I needed one and I will remember that until the day I die.

Thank you maestro. Thank you for your guidance, for accepting me as difficult and opinionated as I was, and as full of myself as someone in their 20’s could be.

Rest in peace Maestro.



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