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Sometimes you are in the presence of art, and you know it

Last night, after I was done writing my article for Reality TV Calendar, I got an urge to listen to Camille Saint-Saëns’ beautiful Le cigne (the Swan) from The carnival of the animals. This happens to be one of my favorite pieces of music ever and one that realistically would be a great one to walk down the isle to; whenever that happens.

I am sure you know how Anna Pavlova, the legendary Russian Ballerina is forever attached to that piece of music. So among the versions I watched was of course, her painfully short clips that have influenced every interpretation of the piece for the past 100 years. I would say that the original choreography by  Mikhail Fokine is the single most dance choreography of the century; but that statement is not based on fact.


So, among the many traditional recreations I saw some where truly beautiful; and some added an element of irreverent fun, and yet the brilliance of the performer shone just as brightly:

What I was not prepared to encounter is a version making the rounds on YouTube for about a month courtesy of the Brazilian version of So You Think You can Dance. In it,John Lennon da Silva, a 20 year old student shows up dressed in a very urban attire and tells the judges he will do his own version of this classic but with the added twist of not being ballet at all, but in popping. The judges are incredulous and one even drills him with questions like “But you do understand this is a piece usually done by a ballerina, en point and dressed in white, right?”The kid seems unfazed by the whole thing, answer his questions and tells them he is determined to show his abilities. In the face of such determination, and undoubtely expecting the worse, one judge tells him “Well, good luck; I hope your dance is better than your attire, because your attire sucks.”

And the music starts, and the kid starts dancing.
Subtitles should be automatic, but if not click on “Watch on YouTube” and when you are there in the Close Captioning logo (CC)

Yes, sometimes you are in the presence of art and tears are the best response; don’t you think?


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  1. Unbelievable!!!! I loved it!

    Comment by Aimee Barat | April 15, 2011 | Reply

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