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Singing in the Metropolitan Opera competition many moons ago

I performed opera for 7 years as a professional tenor after several years studying repertoire and technique. In 1999 I decided to pursue a different career. During this time, I have kept my involvement with the business through the friends I have in the business and also traveling throughout the Midwest and NYC to attend as many performances as I could get to. Since Feb 2009, I have been unemployed and in looking for ways to keep myself occupied, I decided to write about my impressions on the performances I attend and the recordings I buy.

As you can see by my writing,  I’m extremely opinionated and brutally honest about my opinions. I have also a deep respect and love for the singers that came before me and those who are performing right now and doing it in a technically proficient way, with a sense of the style and a grasp of the language they are singing on. Because I believe that I have a certain level of expertise in the matter, I do not necessarily buy into industry created “stars”. I am of the belief that recording companies should not create the stars, rather they should be taking a clue from the audiences and let the audiences create their own stars. I will be sufficiently impressed with someone who gets a recording until I hear it, after I hear it I will be, or not, impressed with the singer at hand and what (s)he brings (or not) to the table.  Once I hear it, believe me, you’ll read about it here.

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